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Today aesthetic dentistry is a true art, the possibilities of modern restorative materials, professionalism of the doctor and technician. Advanced materials have a unique structure that replicates the tooth tissue in terms of strength and functionality and a fantastic palette of colors to reproduce any individual features of the tooth's natural beauty. Aesthetic dentistry is always of interest to patients. It is designed to restore the health of the teeth and the true beauty of the smile. Modern dentistry has a wide range of methods and tools to effectively address problems of color, shape, chips, rotations, darkened fillings, and tooth discoloration.


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About Us

Our practice is specialized in periodontal disease and gum disease treatments, pre-implantory bone regeneration and the placement of dental implants. We offer you the opportunity to benefit from the latest advances in dental medicine to keep your smile and your teeth healthy. The practice’s philosophy is based on a relationship of trust with our patients. Our team is committed to giving you all the information on the different treatment modalities adapted to your situation. The benefits of your care, the duration and cost of the treatments will be detailed to promote good cooperation, ensuring the success of your treatment.

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Our prices for services are honest and loyal. We offer a choice of service packages, so you can choose the most convenient for you.


Our clinic is located in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. In this way you will be able to discover the historical heritage of our country


We offer you accommodation in a resort town in a comfortable hotel. Some packages of our services include free accommodation

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restorative dentistry

Restorative Dentistry


Aesthetic Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry

dental surgery

Basic Dental Surgery

dental implants


digital smile design

Digital Smile Design

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Dental Tourism

The best prices for dental services and a large selection of service packages. Discover dental tourism in Slovakia


We use the most recent technologies & is not only a trend in dentistry, but a must. This is how we provide a solution even for the most complex cases


We employ only highly qualified doctors, and we use only certified materials. You will be satisfied with our service


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all dental treatment. Some people need to visit the dentist once or twice a year; others may need more visits. Everyone is individual, with a unique smile and unique needs when it comes to keeping your smile healthy.

Patients can expect care and expert attention from initial consultation to final treatment and aftercare. Our devoted team of leading specialists have access to modern equipment to support their practice, so you and your patients can take comfort in knowing that the best opportunities and services available are being provided.

Please contact the clinic directly for a guideline treatment price list. Please note that these prices may vary depending on each patient’s unique requirements.

Dental tourism is a fast-growing field of medical tourism. It, essentially, revolves around people traveling to foreign countries to get lower-cost dental care, often combining it with the the tourist experience of their destination.

We can offer you an accommodation in a resort town in a comfortable hotel. Some packages of our services include free accommodation. To get more information, just contact us

Our Team

Roman Prysiazhnyi

Founder, chief doctor

Nataly Rybova

Doctor, dentist restorer

Melaniia Snekoshko

Doctor, general dentist

The Most Popular Services

partial dentures

teeth alignment treatment

Laser teeth whitening

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Dental hygiene / Teeth whitening

  Complete dental hygiene   € 100
  Tartar removal / coating and polishing   € 50
  Airflow sandblasting and tooth polishing   € 50           
  Curette (1 jaw)   € 100
  Curette (1 tooth)   € 15
  Teeth whitening   € 300
  Internal teeth whitening   € 50


Restorative dentistry

  Local anesthesia  € 20                         
  Seductive anesthesia  € 25
  Temporary filling  € 30
  Aesthetic tooth filling with photocomposite ( single- faceted)  € 65
  Aesthetic tooth filling with photocomposite (double-faceted)  € 75
Aesthetic tooth filling with photocomposite (triple)  € 85
Aesthetic reconstruction of the crown with a photocomposite  € 95


Basic treatment

  Preventive examination   € 20             
  Consultation (price for 30 min)   € 40
  OPG X-ray (orthopantomogram)   € 30
  X-ray RVG (intraoral)   € 15
  Bitewing - 1 quadrant   € 10
  Treatment Planning and Digital Smile Design   € 30
  Acute examination   € 40      


Basic dental surgery

  Easy extraction of the baby tooth   € 40
  Complicated extraction of dental tooth   € 55                 
  Easy extraction of a single-root permanent tooth   € 60
  Complicated extraction of single-root permanent tooth   € 80
  Easy extraction of multi-root permanent tooth   € 80
  Complicated extraction of multi-root permanent tooth   € 110
  Gingivectomy   € 30             


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